Containers and Flower Boxes

Loose-flower hornbeam bonsai at Longwood gardens

Longwood’s Amazing Bonsai

The art of bonsai amazes me. It takes an incredible amount of patience and care. Many bonsai specimens take decades to train. The intent is to see no sign of the artist. The proportions should mimic nature. Longwood gardens has an awesome collection of bonsai in their conservatory. Here are some photographs of some of […]

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Chanticleer Container Designs

Chanticleer’s Spectacular Containers

When I visited Chanticleer, I was inspired by the containers found throughout the garden. They are used everywhere and each pot is a spectacular blend of foliage, color and texture. I noticed right away that most of the containers didn’t use flowers at all. Here are a few photographs. I’m sure these containers will inspire […]

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Spring Container at Chicago Botanic Garden

Spring Containers

I fell in love with these spring containers at the Chicago Botanic garden. You may also like these articlesSucculents at the Chicago Botanic Garden

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Container with a deep purple and green color scheme

How Window Shopping Can Inspire Your Next Container Garden

Design inspiration is everywhere.  Getting out to explore new places provides endless moments of inspiration.  I’ve learned to keep a camera in my purse to capture a beautiful garden or window box wherever I go. I was glad I had my camera when I was shopping last week.  The store fronts had some great container […]

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Pom Pon Topiary

Topiary in the City

Birmingham is a swanky little suburb outside Detroit.  The city is known for its shopping and style.  On the weekends, you can find people jogging and chatting over expensive lattes.  It’s a fun place to visit on Saturday morning. I love the fact that the merchants take the time to decorate their shops with container […]

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Winter Flower Box Design

3 Easy Steps for Decorating a Winter Flower Box

Winter is a great time to decorate your flower boxes. With a little imagination, your flower boxes can still add a strong design element. I just trim some branches from the evergreens in my backyard and use the branches to create my winter flower boxes. It’s cheap and easy to do. Here’s how I decorate […]

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Flower Boxes for Improved Curb Appeal

Flower Boxes Can Improve Curb Appeal

The new flower boxes are my favorite improvement this season.  It’s amazing how much style they add to the house.  Best of all, I’ll be able to change up the color scheme and composition season to season.  I am already imaging how these boxes will be decorated for Christmas. Pink impatiens, petunias and coleus. Building […]

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Close up image of coleus leaves

Container Gardening – Great Ideas for Filling those Pots

Container gardens are perfect for experimenting. They offer a great way to try a new plant or test out a new color combination. If you hate it, change it. It’s easy. So take advantage of the freedom and try something new. Collection of containers on the deck with coleus, potato vine, and elephant ears Collection […]

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