Hidcote Manor Garden Part II

by Susan on November 9, 2012

When I visited Hidcote, most of my photographs didn’t turn out.  Apparently, I was so excited to be in the garden that I moved onto my next shot before giving my camera time to finish.  You can only imagine how I felt when I downloaded the photographs and found over half of them were blurry.  Arg!  Since then, I’ve learned not to rush the shot.  What a painful lesson.

Clearly, the solution is another trip to England.  In the meantime, here’s the shots that turned out ok.  I hope you enjoy Hidcote Part II.

Pleached avenue

This is the Stilt garden.  I love the shape of the lawn between the trees.

Long garden view

The garden path leads your eye to the urn in the distance.

Beautiful flower border

View looking at the Rose garden toward the new orchard.

Bee hives in the orchard at Hidcote

These beehives are used to pollinate the new orchard and surrounding flower gardens.

Awesome foliage and flowers at Hidcote

This area of the garden reminds me of my Annabelle hydrangeas at home.

Garden path through Hidcote

A beautifully lush border with spider wort on the left and azaleas on the right.

Sign warning that bees are active in the Hidcote orchard

Apparently they have lawyers working for the National Trust!  If you watch the bees, you’ll soon understand the phase “Bee Line”.

Spider wart in the Hidcote gardens

Here’s a close up shot of the purple spider wort.

Geranium in the garden

I love this Cranesbill.  What a lush plant combination.

Yew hedge in Hidcote

A view of an amazing yew hedge.

Tropical foliage in the garden at Hidcote

The Garden yard with its tropically inspired border.

Allee of trees at Hidcote

Here’s a great example of a garden focal point.  Your eye is led down the allee of trees towards the sculpture in the distance.  What a beautiful scene.

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