Bantry House and Garden in Cork Ireland

by Susan on August 9, 2012

Bantry House and Garden is home to the Earls of Bantry.  The estate is still owned and lived in by Egelton Shelswell-White, a direct decendant of Richard White (1, Earl of Bantry).

Richard White purchased Bantry House in 1765.  At that time, it was called “Blackrock House”.  Bantry House and Garden opened to the public in 1946.

Bantry House overlooks Bantry Bay in West Cork, Ireland.  The home and garden are situated on an elaborate series of terraces.  This is done to give the illusion that the house, garden and site exist as a single entity.

The famous “hundred steps” staircase made from local stone leads from the parterre to the upper terrace.  The upper terrace provides an excellent view of the bay.  Wow!  Now that’s a great view.

 View of Bantry House from upper garden terrace

View of Bantry House from the upper garden terrace at the top of the “hundred steps”. Just look at this view. It’s beautiful.

Location of Bantry House and Garden shown

Map of Ireland showing the location of Bantry House and garden in Co Cork.

Bantry garden wisteria circle

Parterre garden with wisteria circle surrounding a fountain. The garden is formal in style. The lines of the garden are predominantly straight with lots of design symmetry.

Bantry garden gate

Elaborate iron gate in Bantry garden. This gate just beckons you to investigate the world beyond. You just want to know what is on the other side of that gate.

View of Bantry parterre from the next terrace

View of wisteria circle that surrounds a fountain in the parterre garden.  I love the patina on the stone baluster.  It blends right into the surrounding garden.

View of rear of Bantry house

Rear view of Bantry house. The house looks like part of the garden covered in vines.

Purple foliage provides great focal point

Purple foliage adds a great focal point at the side of the stairway leading out of the parterre and up to the next terrace.

View surrounding Bantry house

The garden has elaborate foliage and forest views.  The foliage adds great texture to the garden and gives it a tropical feel.

Path lined with containers overflowing with lavender

Containers overflowing with lavender line this garden path.  The formal style of the garden is clear with these straight lines and the even spacing of the garden elements.

Bubble bee caught on film

By pure accident, I captured a bumble bee in mid flight by the lavender. I love this picture.

Tropical foliage in Bantry garden

Another view of the tropical-inspired foliage in Bantry garden.

View across front lawn of Bantry house

View across the front lawn and garden of Bantry house overlooking the bay.

Stone urns line the walk way of Bantry garden

Stone urns on pedestals line the walk way of the front lawn and garden of Bantry house.

View of front lawn and garden at Bantry house

Another view across the front lawn and garden at Bantry house.

Huge leaves in Bantry garden

The huge leaves on this Gunnera Manicata plant give Bantry garden a jungle-like, tropical feel.

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