An Herb Garden to Die For

by Susan on August 31, 2012

Cranbrook House has a lovely herb garden situated along the east side of the residence.  It’s a small, quiet garden filled with herbs and annuals.  The color palette is simple and effective, consisting of yellow, white and grey-green foliage.

The brick work is exceptional and adds to the overall beauty of the garden.  The main focal point is a marble statue created by Mario Korbel in 1927 that sits at the far end of the garden.

The garden is maintained by the Southern Michigan Unit of the Herb Society of America.  They are doing a fantastic job!  This is a beautiful garden.

Herb garden at Cranbrook HouseHere is a view looking across the herb garden at Cranbrook House.

Herb parterre at Crankbrook HouseHere is a photo of the herb garden at ground level.  The color palette is simple.  The green and grey foliage of the herbs mixed with the yellow and white of annuals looks great.

Center of herb parterre at Cranbrook HouseThe brick work in this garden is quite extraordinary and clearly required a skillful artist to make. I love the sharp point of each triangular shaped bed.

Beautiful yellow zinnias in the herb gardenAnother close up view of the zinnias and sweet alyssum in the herb garden.

Stone wall that encloses the herb gardenOne side of the herb garden is enclosed by a beautiful natural stone wall.

Herb garden at Cranbrook HouseAlong the far side of the herb garden runs a long bed filled with Black Eyed Susans contained within neatly trimmed boxwood.

View from the opposite end of herb gardenHere is a view across the herb garden looking in the opposite direction.  Notice the amazing stone lion that decorates the far wall.

Stone lion guards the entrance to the garden at CranbrookHere’s a close up view of the stone lion that guards the entrance at the opposite end of the herb garden.

Close up of marble statue by Mario KorbelA close up image of the beautifully carved marble statue created by Fine Art sculpture Mario Korbel (1882-1955).

Brass sign describing the character depicted in marbleA brass plate describes the character depicted in marble.

View from behind statueA view across the herb garden taken from the vantage point of Ecolo.

Close up of zinnias in the herb gardenAnother close up image of the zinnias, sweet alyssum and thyme in the herb garden.



Janeen Utley February 25, 2013 at 4:36 pm

I live fairly close to the Cranbrook Gardens, & I especially Love the Goddess Ecolo “Ecolo Goddess of Earth, Who is the Sweet Maid, who stooped protectively to Save the Earth, from Man’s Pernicious Tread & it is the Blithe Spirit of Ecology by whom all Life & Natural things are Fed” I absolutely Love this precious Garden , of Life!!

Susan February 25, 2013 at 9:03 pm

I’m so happy you found my blog Janeen. Thank you for stopping in. I love that garden too. So beautiful!

Loi Thai September 2, 2012 at 7:24 pm

Hi, Susan – Great news: your blog is now showing up on my blog list without problems! Beautiful and very tidy herb garden. I agree: the brickwork has been expertly laid. Wonderful axis!

Susan September 2, 2012 at 10:22 pm

Hi Loi,
That is awesome news! Thanks again for helping me get my RSS all squared away. You’re the best!

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