Goldner Walsh Nursery

by Susan on July 26, 2012

Goldner Walsh nursery is located in Pontiac, Michigan. The nursery first opened for business in 1953.  In 1980, the nursery moved to its present location, the historic landmark building known as the Piera Floral Company which dates back to 1890.

The Piera Floral Company was one of the largest cut flower production greenhouses in the Midwest prior to 1900.  The historic greenhouses offer a unique retail space with lots of personality and endless possibilities.

The last time I visited Goldner Walsh was around 2006-2007.  I remember it being a cool, creative space with tons of pottery and garden ornaments arranged by color.  The shade plant section had plants typically not seen at Detroit area nurseries and it was located just down the road from another amazing garden shop, The Detroit Garden Works.

Inside the Goldner Walsh nursery

This cool vignette inside Golder Walsh nursery reminded me of my 2006 visit.

But my visit in May left me slightly disappointed. Sections of the nursery still had the brilliant style I remembered, but the store felt like a shell of its former self.  I wanted to ask someone if the nursery was going out of business. I couldn’t find anyone to ask.  I was in the store for over 25 minutes and ran into one employee, a person watering plants in the back garden court.

Image showing Goldner Walsh Garden Court

I knew something was different when I walked up to the front entrance.  The last time I was there, I remember containers overflowing with unusual plants and foliage.  This visit, the pots were empty.  The only thing in those huge concrete planters was dirt.

The gardens surrounding the outside of the building were not in great shape either.  The flower beds were a bit neglected.  The perennials were healthy, but in some sections, the weeds out numbered the flowers.  What on earth was going on?

Entrace to Goldner Walsh Flower Shop

Entrance to Goldner Walsh. The brick building is the flower shop. The concrete planters were overflowing with Verbena Bonariensis and cool foliage plants when I last visited.

The nursery still offers a great selection of tropical plants and coleus, and the plants are healthy.  But the greenhouses feel neglected and forgotten.  What on earth happened to Goldner Walsh nursery?

I hope my visit in May was a fluke.  I’m planning another visit in August.  Maybe I just picked the wrong day.

Image showing tropical plant selection at Goldner Walsh nursery

Tropical plant selection at Golder Walsh nursery. The nursery offers a good selection of healthy, tropical plants.

Succulent selection at Goldner Walsh nursery

The succulent selection looked great. The plants were healthy with a lot of different textures and colors available.

Image of coleus collection at Goldner Walsh nursery

Coleus collection at Goldner Walsh nursery

Welcome sign Goldner Walsh Nursery

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