3 Easy Steps for Decorating a Winter Flower Box

by Susan on December 12, 2010

Winter is a great time to decorate your flower boxes. With a little imagination, your flower boxes can still add a strong design element. I just trim some branches from the evergreens in my backyard and use the branches to create my winter flower boxes. It’s cheap and easy to do. Here’s how I decorate my flower boxes for winter.

1. Collect Evergreen Branches from your Yard

I am fortunate to have a lot of evergreens in my yard. I trim small sections from my white pines and arborvitaes and use the branches to decorate my flower boxes. I also bought a bunch of curly willow from my local Home Depot.

Image showing evergreen cuttings for my flower boxes

Collection of arborvitae branches, white pine and curly willow.

2. Create a Chicken Wire Form to Hold Branches in Place

The easiest way I have found to hold the evergreens in place during the winter is to use chicken wire. I form a tube of wire and set it along the entire length of each flower box. Then I simply position the evergreen cuttings into the chicken wire.

Flower box lined with chicken wire before evergreens assembled

Chicken wire is formed into a tube and placed along length of flower box. This box also has several red twig dogwood branches.

Chicken wire form that will hold evergreens in flower box

chicken wire form that will hold evergreens.

3. Fill Wire Form with Branches

The fun part is filling in the chicken wire form with all the evergreen branches. I find the boxes look better when you use more than one type of evergreen. There are no fast rules here. Use what you like to create your own unique design.

Adding evergreens to the chicken wire form

Evergreen branches are placed inside the chicken wire forms to fill out the flower box.

Close up of evergreens being added to chicken wire form

Close up showing how evergreen branches are placed in chicken wire form.

Complete flower box design with evergreens added

The finished flower box design.  It is simple, but adds a lot of visual interest to the window during the winter months.

For the Christmas season, I add lights to each of the flower boxes. I think this makes a very pretty Christmas display.

Christmas Flower Boxes

Lights added to flower boxes to decorate for the Christmas season.

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