January in the Garden

by Susan on January 17, 2015

MAG STYLE -backyard-scene

MAG STYLE -patio-urn


Succulents at the Chicago Botanical Garden Conservatory

I’m Dreaming of Spring

I’ve got Spring fever something fierce this year! I was sifting through old garden photos, thinking about my plans for Spring. I made up some images to paste on my Inspiration board. I thought I would share them with you. Think Spring!   You may also like these articlesThe Garden on 6th Street Backyard Design […]

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The terraced garden at Blithewood

The Terraced Garden at Blithewood

This year’s road trip included a drive through the upper and middle Hudson River Valley, a landscape that has inspired countless artists, poets and gardeners. The photographs below show Blithewood’s terraced garden (located on the campus of Bard College), designed in the Italianate style by Francis Hoppin around 1900. This is a classic example of […]

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View across the mid June garden

The Mid June Garden

It’s been a beautiful Spring. The temperatures have been much cooler and gradual than we typically get in Michigan this time of year. This must be what a “normal” Spring is like.  Here’s some photos of what is blooming in the mid June garden. The bright pink Cranesbill are blooming now. They are one of […]

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Corydalis lutea and euonymous

The Early June Garden

There have been a few disappointments as we move into early June. The biggest is 2-3 of my ‘Forest Pansy’ redbuds did not make it through our record cold winter. That makes me a tad grumpy.  The other disappointment was not one of my heirloom tulip bulbs for my Mrs. Francis King book  grew! Not even […]

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Daffodils in the May garden

The Mid May Garden

What a difference 1 week of warm weather can make in the garden. It seems as though all my daffodils have sprung into flower and there are lots of leaves sprouting everywhere. Temperatures are starting to finally warm up and the garden is growing quickly. Here’s what’s happening in the mid May garden. You may […]

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Azalea blooming in the May garden

The Early May Garden

This Spring in Michigan has been cold. Finally, the bulbs and azaleas are starting to bloom and the leaves on the trees are sprouting. I spent some quality time in the garden today. Wow! There’s a lot of work to do. It was definitely a long, harsh winter. Here’s some shots of what’s happening in […]

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Crocus in Springtime

Can This Really be Spring?

It’s been a brutal winter in Michigan. We had record cold and record snowfall. Some of those cold days made me worry about my boxwood which were “thankfully” covered under layers of insulating snow. This weekend, I am finally seeing signs of this most welcome Springtime in my garden. Here’s a few pictures I snapped […]

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Linden Hill Gardens and Nursery

My Visit to Linden Hill Nursery

Since my garden is still buried under snow, I decided to pull out some summer vacation photos. Last July, my husband and I visited Linden Hill Gardens and Nursery in Ottsville, Pennsylvania. I learned about Linden Hill after reading a fabulous book called Lessons From Linden Hill by Jerry Fritz and Nancy Ondra. The book […]

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2013 Garden Year in Review

2013 Garden in Review

Happy New Year! Here is a month-by-month review of the garden this year (minus February and March).  I either didn’t take any photos during February or March or my filing system is a bit off. In any event, I hope you enjoy the 2013 garden season in review. January 2013 January 2013 April 2013 April […]

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