Can This Really be Spring?

by Susan on April 6, 2014

It’s been a brutal winter in Michigan. We had record cold and record snowfall. Some of those cold days made me worry about my boxwood which were “thankfully” covered under layers of insulating snow.

This weekend, I am finally seeing signs of this most welcome Springtime in my garden. Here’s a few pictures I snapped with my iPhone of the early April garden.

Libertiny-garden-April-2014-1-1000px There is nothing that can match the welcome site of purple crocus in Springtime.

View across the garden in early April 2014Thankfully, the boxwood made it through the winter relatively unharmed thanks to layers of insulating snow.

View across the garden in early April 2014

View across the garden in early April 2014

View across the garden in early April 2014

View across the garden in early April 2014

Rhododendrom winter damgeHere is a photo of one of my poor Rhododendron. I fear all but one plant will have to be replaced this season.

Snowdrops in SpringtimeSnowdrops are some seriously hardly bulbs. These babies bloom no matter what the weather conditions.

Collection of rocks from shore of Lake Huron

My little collection of pebbles gathered on the shore of Lake Huron. I love arranging these little stones on my patio table.

I’m looking forward to spending many long hours in the garden this season. Welcome back Spring!


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