2016 Spring Garden – Time to Renovate

by Susan on May 14, 2016

It is finally garden season in Michigan. This season, I am hoping to renovate sections of my backyard garden. I want to remove one of the long beds and replace it with a small hedge row to create a more secluded garden. I went out to collect photographs this morning to start working though some design ideas.

Here’s a few photos of the mid May garden. Indeed it needs work. The main things to accomplish this season are repairing some serious lawn issues (yeah, I’m talking to you little grubs and moles that destroyed my grass), tidying up some over grown plants that are crowding out their neighbors and creating a more secluded side garden.¬† These projects should be fun and I’ll be sure to post photos of my progress.

Pink flowering dogwood in the front garden

Here’s a photo of my favorite pink flowering dogwood. This tree was already planted when we moved into our house. Thanks to a mild winter, we have lots of flowers this spring.

View across the backyard garden

The boxwood are filling out nicely this spring. They were trimmed for the first time ever last fall. I think I prefer a more fluffy boxwood look to the sharply trimmed straight lines. I’ll probably let them fill out undisturbed this season.

Close up view of my repeat flowering lilac

My repeat-blooming lilac is filled with buds. This bush will bloom again in the fall.

View across the backyard garden

I still need to straighten and clean up the brick edges that line the garden. Things always move around during the winter. I chose not to cement my bricks to be more economical. The trade off is a bit more work, but that’s just a great excuse to stay outside longer.

Color scheme for container garden

I found some great plants for one of my patio containers. I love the color scheme and textures. I think this coleus, sedum and potato vine are going to make the perfect container display.

Section of the garden to be separated with hedge

This photo shows the section of the garden that is going to be renovated this season. I have removed the original brick border. Once the forget-me-nots¬† and allium are finished blooming, this border will be removed and replaced with some type of hedge row to separate it from the other section. I’m thinking of adding several archways to connect each section along the main path.

Forest Pansy redbud trees

My ‘Forest Pansy’ red bud trees have grown quite a bit over the past 3 seasons. I need to move the one on the end. I also plan to completely change the planting scheme in this border. The allium look too messy out in the open and the arborvitae are not happy. I’m not 100% certain what I am going to do here, but this needs some serious changes.

Spring plants growing in the garden

The perennials are starting to grow in each garden patch. I plan to fertilize my boxwood because they are looking a little yellow after the winter. They have new growth which is good, but they look a little peaked.

Stay tuned and we will see what fun changes get accomplished in the garden this year!


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